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Ginzan Hot Springs

This hot springs (onsen) village evokes the atmosphere of old Japan. Three and four story traditional Japanese inns built during the Taisho and early Showa eras stand side by side, surrounding the quietly flowing Ginzan River. The gas lamps create unforgettable evening scenery, casting reflections on the surface of river and lighting up the winter snow. The Ginzan Hot Springs are famous not only in Japan but throughout Asia as the setting for the drama Oshin. Thanks to this, it is now popular not only for its hot springs but as a sight seeing location as well. Recently, the Ginzan Hot Springs have become incredibly popular, attracting large numbers tourists from not only Japan, but all over the world.

Ginzan Hot Springs

This history of these Hot Springs goes back approximately 400 years, when silver ore miners discovered it by accident. The Ginzan Hot Springs’ proud history of therapeutic bathing has continued ever since then. The water is milky-white, and it is said to be particularly effective for curing exhaustion and relieving stress. Also, the Ginzan Hot Springs are hotter than most, reaching temperatures over 55℃ (131°F). These hot springs will warm you up to the very core even after you get out, so they’re great for people who have trouble with cold temperatures. There is also a warm footbath on the promenade, so anyone can take a moment to sit down and warm up while taking in the sights of this beautiful hot springs village. In recent years, a new hot spring bathhouse named Hakugin no Yu has also gained widespread acclaim for the atmosphere evoked by its modern design and mood lighting.

  • Lodging Facilities with Hot Springs: 13
  • Hot Springs Not Attached to Lodging Facilities: 2
 Operating HoursFee (Adult)Fee (Child)
Shirogane-yu8:00--17:00500 Yen200 Yen
Oo-yu8:00--20:00100 Yen50 Yen
  • There is also a foot bath.
  • Oshin Kokeshi Dolls: The Ginzan Hot Springs are famous for these traditional kokeshi dolls from the television show Oshin. They make great souvenirs or presents for your friends!
  • Access: Travel 30 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Yamagata Station to JR Ooishida Station. Transfer to the Ginzan Hot Springs (Ginzan Onsen) bound bus and take it for approximately 40 minutes to reach the Ginzan Onsen.

  • Ginzan Hot Springs Access Map 銀山温泉経路図
  • For more information, contact the Ginzan Hot Springs Association through the Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) Nagasawa Heihachi (Japanese).
    Address: 999-4333 Yamagata-ken, Obanazawa-shi, Ginzan Onsen
    Phone: +81-237-28-2137
    Ginzan Onsen Association Web Site (Japanese)



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